Resident walking down hallway with help of walker and skilled staff

It’s Certified Nursing Assistant Week, June 18 – 25

Great Job, Carlinville CNAs!

Behind the smiling face of the Carlinville nurse who greets you every day, there’s an individual who has put many hours into training in order to step foot into your residence. Certified nursing assistants or aides (CNAs) are health care professionals who provide hands-on care to patients and residents in medical settings and senior living communities like ours. They perform under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). These professionals help residents bathe, dress and respond to any other activities that are involved in daily life.

CNAs are the backbone of our nursing care within our rehabilitation and health care center in Carlinville, Illinois.

What Do You Know About CNAs?

The CNA position is a great entry point to the nursing profession. To become a CNA, you’re required to obtain a high school diploma or GED, plus nursing assistant training. These programs are offered at community colleges, trade schools and medical facilities. Upon completion of training, you’re then required to pass a CNA certification examination. The final step is to complete a state-approved CNA certification exam.

Many CNAs have a goal to become a registered nurse (RN). Advancing from the role of a nurse assistant to a registered nurse requires hard work. CNAs may want to journey upward in their careers to provide better care to patients, or they may want to earn a better salary. Either way, CNAs can choose from an associate degree program focusing on nursing-related subjects, or a bachelor’s degree, which also requires individuals to complete general education requirements.

CNAs at Carlinville Go the Extra Mile.

An important part of the work the CNAs perform here is to listen and talk to residents. Our person-centered approach fosters social connections that are crucial to good mental health. The CNA collaborates with your entire health care team to support your independence and address your unique needs.

Show Your Thanks All Year Long.

When you’re able to come to a genuine understanding of the fundamental role these direct caregivers have in creating quality care, you’ll better appreciate their can-do attitude.

While it’s nice to show our appreciation for CNAs every June, we believe it’s important to make sure you show them thanks all year long. A warm smile and spoken words of your gratitude can be easily extended to them every day.

The heartfelt care we extend to our residents starts with our valuable CNAs. We can’t do it without them!